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New Aircraft Fire Station at Springfield-Branson National Airport

Just four months after the new Springfield-Branson National Airport opened its doors, airport officials dedicated a new Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Station to assist planes that crash or catch on fire near the airport. KSMU’s Kristian Kriner headed out to the airport for the dedication of the new fire station.

Kriner: “I’m standing outside the new Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Station at the Springfield-Branson National Airport. This new station was built entirely with airport funds and cost about $4.5 million. Airport officials say this new station should serve the airport for at least 40 years.”

“This new project and this new facility is a building that will support five trucks and we are very, very pleased with the equipment we have,” Spence said.

Robert Spence, chairman of the airport board, says these trucks are called "Monster Trucks" and can go from zero to fifty miles per hour in just 25 seconds.

These "Monster Trucks" weigh at least 30 tons and carry 1500 gallons of water.

He says the airport fire station will have 17 full-time aircraft rescue firefighters on staff.

“On average, there are about 50 emergencies a year that our firefighters here must respond to, about one per week. And we hope and pray that they never have to move into one of those occasions of a burning aircraft, but these people have been trained and they are prepared,” Spence said.

The new fire station has three "Monster Trucks" right now and is expecting the fourth to arrive this fall.

For KSMU News, I’m Kristian Kriner.