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Evangel Students to Train Businesses in Jamaica

When you hear the term “Spring Break,” images of college kids headed to Cancun or Panama City Beach come to mind. But, a group of twenty-three Springfield college students have decided to put their Spring Break to better use. KSMU’s Kristian Kriner explains.

The students are part of Evangel University’s SIFE organization- that stands for Students In Free Enterprise.

They’ll be volunteering their time and knowledge to teach business concepts in Jamaica.

The students will leave Saturday for the nine-day teaching experience.

Elizabeth Fletcher is the business department chair and the organizer for the trip to Jamaica.

She says the students will teach children basic economic principles and also help train the staff at several orphanages.

“In the first four days, they will teach business skills in public schools and in orphanages they will work with fundraising and donor processes with the management there. And then for a few days we will be at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher says the students have written up business plans to help the rehabilitation center become self-sustaining.

Three high school students will be tagging along on the trip; each student had to raise $1,500 to go.

Fletcher says she hopes the trip will be an experience each student will not forget.

“In every single trip that I’ve taken students to another part of the world, their perspective is enlarged and therefore their perception of things is very much more mature. And that maturing process helps them to be givers. They become givers of themselves, of their time, of their business skills and I think it makes for a better world,” Fletcher said.Fletcher says the SIFE team will participate in live broadcasts every night about the day’s activities.

Each year the SIFE team participates in an international business study tour.

Past trips have included visits to South Africa and China.

For KSMU News, Kristian Kriner.