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MSU Student Group Collects Clothes to Benefit Darfur Victims


In the past few years, news from the devastated Darfur region of Sudan has gone in and out of the American media, but violence in the African region still remains. Last year alone, over a quarter million people in the region were displaced. This week, the MSU student group STAND is holding a clothing drive in residence halls to benefit victims in Darfur. KSMU's Benjamin Fry reports. Students and the community have a chance to help those suffering from one of Africa's largest humanitarian crises.STAND member Anya Popper says donated clothes will be sent to local consignment shop Plato's Closet. The shop will then send funds back to STAND, which will use it in a variety of areas."It could go to, making copies, fliers to hang up around campus, but most of the money goes to the Genocide Intervention Network," Popper said.The Genocide Intervention Network uses the money to pay for supplies that promote the safety of victims in Darfur.This includes solar cookers which allow the sun to heat up food."It's a huge help, because one of the biggest problems is that people are having to leave their sights to go find firewood. And when the men leave, they're at risk of being killed, and when the women leave they are at risk of being rape and/or murdered," Popper said.The clothing bins can only be found in MSU residence halls, but Popper says people can still contact STAND to donate afterward.To learn more, we have contact information on our website, KSMU News, I'm Benjamin Fry.For more information: