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Local Nepali Speaks on Death of Nepal's Monarchy

The small Asian country of Nepal just abolished its monarchy after 239 years of rule and declared itself a Republic on May 28th. KSMU's Alvin Chen spoke with one local Nepali on his sentiments regarding the momentous change.

The monarchy in Nepal has had many problems in recent decades, including a massacre of ten royal family members in 2001.

But now, the monarchy is gone completely.

Badri Adhikari is from Katmandu, the capital city of Nepal, and has been in Springfield for four years. Now he's a graduate student at Missouri State University, where he studies accounting.

He says the old monarchy didn't adapt well to global changes.

Adhikari says finding a leader to lead the new republic is the country's number one priority.

He believes the political change is a good thing for both the government of Nepal and the Nepali people.

Although he says Nepal still has a long way to go, Adhikari feels positive that his country, as the latest federal democratic republic in the world, has better days ahead.

For KSMU News, I'm Alvin Chen.