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West Plains Concert Choir Tours Poland, Germany

The West Plains High School Concert Choir is overseas again, acting as singing ambassadors to eastern and central Europe. KSMU's Jennifer Moore reports.

Over the last two decades, West Plains Concert Choir students have traveled to Russia, China, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Finland. For the last week and a half, the high-schoolers have been in Poland and now they're in Germany.

After several failed attempts, we finally managed to track down longtime choir director Kelly Dame, who spoke to us via telephone from her hotel room in Berlin.

Dame said two of the trip's most memorable moments have been singing for a children's school in Krakow, Poland. It was the first time the school had received an American group.

Another memorable moment, although somber, was when the choir toured Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi concentration camp.

She said the choir sang in Bach's church one foot away from where Bach himself is buried.

Dame says it is important for her that her students learn about history as well as learning about other cultures and places.

The group returns to the United States this week.

For KSMU News, I'm Jennifer Moore.