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Upcoming Conference Examines Issues Related to America, Islam and the Middle East

Next Monday and Tuesday, you'll have the chance to hear from world renowned speakers during a conference at Missouri State University entitled "America, Islam and the Middle East: Building Bridges between the Great Divide." KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Muhamad Olimat is a visiting assistant political science professor at Missouri State and organizer of the conference.

He says he wants the public to see this as an opportunity to learn about the Middle East from panels of experts.

The conference will feature diplomats from the Arab embassies, the Israeli embassies as well as Middle East scholars.

Olimat knows that many issues surrounding Middle East policy and politics are sensitive ones.

He says that's why he's attempted to assemble panels that offer a wide range of perspectives.

Again, the conference "America, Islam and the Middle East: Building Bridges between the Great Divide" is next Monday and Tuesday from 8:30AM to 9PM with most events taking place in Plaster Student Union on the Missouri State campus. Detailed information on the conference is online at