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In Response To Feedback, MSU Amends Policy On Masks

Scott Harvey
MSU's Administration Building, Carrington Hall/Credit: Scott Harvey


Missouri State University is moving to update its draft policy on wearing masks following feedback from students and faculty. KSMU’s Josh Conaway reports. 


MSU President Clif Smart included an update on mask policy on his university blog, Clif’s Notes. Citing the “considerable feedback” he got, the university added to its draft policy an exception for faculty who want to wear face shields instead of masks. Now they’re allowed to do that, as long as they stay at least six feet away from students. 

Smart said some of those he heard feedback from wanted a stricter policy, and some wanted a more relaxed policy on masks. 


Smart also said he has asked MSU’s legal counsel to prepare a new masking policy that "would require masks to be worn more broadly throughout campus." That policy will be considered by the MSU Board of Governors in August.


Feedback is encouraged at another town hall event set for August 5, from 10 AM to noon.