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Community Safety

Area Employees to Wear Denim This Week to Raise Awareness of Sexual Violence


Wednesday (4/29) is Denim Day—a day set aside to raise awareness of sexual assault.  Amber Allen, with Community Partnership of the Ozarks, says sexual violence is a prevalent problem in the U.S.

"In the United States, one in five women will be a victim of attempted or completed rape, and three of four victims of sexual assault know their offender.  And between 20 and 25% of women will experience the attempted or completed rape during college," she said.

According to Allen, Denim Day originated in the 1990's when a rape conviction in the Italian Supreme Court was overturned because the victim was wearing tight jeans.  The court argued that the girl had to have given her consent because the attacker couldn’t have taken the jeans off without the victim’s help.

The day after the conviction was overturned, the women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans in support of the victim. 

That led to a sexual assault awareness day, which eventually spread to the U.S. where it’s observed every year during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Allen says businesses are invited to take part in Denim Day by allowing employees to wear denim Wednesday.  Each person who participates donates $5 for the Violence Free Families Coalition in Springfield.

"What they do is community-based, primary prevention in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The coalition meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:30 am at Community Partnership of the Ozarks, 330 N. Jefferson, and anyone is welcome to attend.

Businesses can sign up to take part in Denim Day by clicking here.