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Community Safety

Springfield Police Will Soon Ask Drivers to File Own Crash Reports


When roads get snowy and icy, the Springfield Police Department often goes into “emergency status” for traffic crash response.  Motorists involved in minor crashes are asked to exchange information with other drivers involved and make a walk-in crash report if all vehicles are operable, there are no injuries and none of the drivers involved is alcohol or drug impaired.

But beginning August 1st, the Springfield Police Department will begin using this policy even when weather isn’t a factor.

If the following conditions exist, no police response will be required and no crash report will be completed by officers:  there are no injuries, the vehicles are operable, there’s no damage to public or private property, no alcohol or drug-impaired drivers are involved, no driver leaves before exchanging information and all drivers have valid proof of insurance.

Motorists are advised to exchange information with one another and make a Citizens Crash Report.

The department says this will save thousands of officer hours that could be spent on proactive policing. 

According to a news release, “the time saved will allow patrol officers to focus on identified crime trends in their areas of responsibility and they’ll have more time to locate and arrest wanted subjects, respond to community complaints, conduct traffic and DWI enforcement activities and interact with the community.”

Crash report forms can be found at the SPD Headquarters, 321 E. Chestnut Expressway, the South District Station, 2620 W. Battlefield, on the SPD’s website or at any Springfield-Greene County Library.