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As Incredible Pizza Begins Major Expansion Project, Andy B’s Reflects on Early Success

Courtesy of Incredible Pizza

A $1 million investment will add another 10,000 square feet to Springfield’s Incredible Pizza Company. Additions to the entertainment venue will include a trampoline park, new go-kart track, Frog Hopper bouncing game as well as a remodel of the laser tag arena.

Krysti Rice is the director of Social Media and Community Events at Incredible Pizza.

“It’s basically going to take place where Party City used to be, and we are currently the largest restaurant in Springfield at 42,000 square feet so this will be an additional 10,000 to that,” says Rice.

Modeled after the trampoline park at its Tulsa location, Incredible Pizza Company wishes to offer the same at its Springfield site, which was the first of the company’s stores to open in 2002.

Prices for existing activities will remain the same, but the additional attractions will come at a separate cost according to Rice.

“Basically the trampoline park will be cash only, and it is only five dollars for fifteen minutes and then they just have to purchase a special sock in order to jump and those are only two dollars.”

Incredible Pizza plans to complete the expansion by December 11th. Existing attractions will remain open, with the exception of the go-Kart track, where crews will be digging to make the new trampoline park.

Credit Courtesy of Incredible Pizza
Trampoline Park to be completed where existing go-kart track is located.

Meanwhile, it’s been nine months since Andy B’s opened after a major remodel and expansion. Formerly Battlefield Lanes, officials with the entertainment venue like Mary Guccione are calling the change a major success

“It is probably about a thousand percent difference from what it was prior and what it is today.”

Guccione is the Marketing and Communications director at Andy B’s.

She explains that the conversion finished one month behind schedule due to the age of the building as well as weather issues and holiday time.

“We were able to offer people parties if they wanted to have a party here or fundraising. We did a few fundraisers throughout the construction process, and we were able to give those at a discounted rate because we weren’t fully functional or up to full capacity.”

Guccione says the greatest change is Andy B’s is able provide greater entertainment to a broader demographic and region.

“There is nothing like it in the area and it would rival anything that would be similar to it in the bigger cities around us which would be more like Kansas City and St. Louis,” she says.

Andy B’s is considered one of two styles of venues offered by Bartholomy Bowling Centers, whose corporate office is now in Springfield. The first caters more towards bowling, while Andy B’s is an upscale model that includes bowling, as well as arcade games, a restaurant bar, and more. It was the third of Bartholomy’s ten centers to be converted to Andy B’s.

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