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High Voter Turnout in Greene County

Greene County voters will decide on several important issues today as the polls are open for the Missouri primary. KSMU’s Britany Donnellan reports.

                As voters across the state head to the polls to weigh in on a variety of important issues, Greene County clerk Richard Struckoff says the county has a nearly 20% turnout.

                “It started off slow which kind of surprised me. I really thought more voters would go out in the early hours when it was cooler but it’s clearly picked up since 11. Just about every precinct that I called is a little bit higher than we were for years ago in this same type of election.”

                Several hotly contested partisan primaries are on the ballot, as well as a statewide constitutional amendment regarding school prayer, the continuation of a sales tax in Springfield, and a tax levy increase in Willard.

Polls are open until seven this evening.

For KSMU News, I’m Brittany Donnellan