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Smillie's Shuts its Doors

After doing business with the Springfield community for nearly 20 years, Smille’s owner Bill Smillie says the store’s closing was a planned decision.  While the Neighborhood Wal-Mart across the street did present competition, he says that that is not the reason they are leaving.

“The main reason is I’m 66years old and to obligate ourselves for another 10 or 15 years and we would have wanted to remodel the building and spend milliondollars on remodeling. It just wasn’t in the cards.”

Smillie has a positive outlook just as his name implies. However, the neighborhood is sad to see him go. Walene O’Dell frequently shops at Smillie’s.

“I am going to miss coming here when I need something quickly because it’s not too far from my home and they have always been so nice to me and I will miss them,” O’Dell said.

Smillie says his best memories are partnering with Delaware Elementary school, a public school designed for children with special needs.

“The nuts and bolts of the business are just what they are. It’s all about the people you meet. And we will still see our customers,” Smillie said.

Smillie’s will be open Saturday from 7 am to 7pm, before it closes its doors for good.

For KSMU news I’m Shannon Bowers.