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Red Cross Available for Storm Damaged Region

The American Red Cross of southern Missouri is providing assistance to areas affected by Monday’s overnight and early morning storms. The organization is set up in three different areas. KSMU’s Rebekah Clark reports.


The locations of those three shelters are:

·        Branson, MO – there’s a shelter at the Branson Recreations Center, 1500 Branson Hills Parkway

·        Buffalo, MO – it’s at Buffalo High School, 500 West Main Street

·        Lebanon, MO - A shelter has been set up at Mills Center, 650 Mills Drive.

According to a press release from the Red Cross, disaster teams have been to the damaged sites to assess the extent of the storms.  They have determined how much response and relief is needed in each area.  Right now, the Red Cross is preparing food and shelter for as long as the need is present.

Nigel Holderby, Communications Officer for the Red Cross, reports that the damage in Branson, from what she’s seen, is extensive.

 “We are providing, at this time, food and water, and then of course shelter for those who don’t have a place to stay this evening. I have seen several locations, like I said I have been out on 76 highway and a lot of it is business, but there are several houses that are kind of sparsely populated in those areas. They’ve taken extensive damage, and not having a place to stay is a big thing. The shelter is a big situation. We are out with our emergency response vehicle, and we do have lunch and we’ve been driving through providing water to people who are at their place of business, maybe just digging out what they have left of those businesses on 76. So food and water and shelter if people need it.”     

The Red Cross is accepting donations. To donate, you can call 832-9500.

For KSMU News, I’m Rebekah Clark.