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Animal Rescue Organization Celebrates Ten Years of Service

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department is recognizing a local animal rescue center for ten years of service to our community. C.A.R.E. is a nonprofit organization that rescues animals and sets up adoptions from the city’s animal control shelter. KSMU’s Rebekah Clark has more.

"I’m standing at the front of the Castaway Animal Rescue Effort, or C.A.R.E., in west Springfield. The sound of barking can be heard even through the building walls. C.A.R.E. was the first rescue organization to help the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s Animal Control Shelter find homes for the dogs and cats housed here at the shelter. This week, C.A.R.E. is celebrating 10 years of service to the community."

“This facility up here is just an adoption center.”

Geoff Koppes talks to me outside the C.A.R.E. center. He’s been an employee with C.A.R.E. for more than two years after he adopted his dog from here. One of a few employees, Koppes enjoys his work at the shelter.

“A lot of people think that they can bring animals up here, but this facility is strictly for adoptions only. We don’t take any animals in from the public. I think it’s a great facility. I think last year we actually averaged more than two adoptions per day.”

[nat sound: dogs barking]

Since 1992, C.A.R.E. has rescued over 10,000 animals by offering medical treatment for the sick and injured.

“We started doing mobile adoptions. We were the first in southwest Missouri to go to PetSmart and set up and do mobile adoptions. And from there we basically got enough support that we were able to get a building in Springfield, and we’ve been here for about 10 years.”

[nat sound: dog lapping up water]

A large, tan-colored dog laps up water in his cage. 

C.A.R.E. currently has three facilities: this one in Springfield, one in Ozark and a sanctuary in Aurora for animals that are unadoptable or need rehabilitation. Their primarily funding comes through donations.

This week, the Health Department and City Council are recognizing C.A.R.E. for its contributions to the community.

For KSMU News, I’m Rebekah Clark.