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BBB Says It's Monitoring Joplin Donating Scams

 Over 67,000 volunteers have given their time to help with the debris removal in Joplin after the May 22ndtornado.  Homeowners in Joplin still in need of assistance can call the help hotline for aid with general repairs to their property.  KSMU’s Matthew Barnes reports.

With many properties now clear of debris the city of Joplin has given homeowners a hotline that will allow them to contact volunteers for help with individual projects.  Lynn Onstot works for the city of Joplin.  

“Now that we are close to having a large percentage of the lots cleared of the debris we still have other areas that the volunteers are looking to help with.  And so we just wanted to put it out there that homeowners have this opportunity to utilize the volunteers that are in the area,” says Onstot.

Homeowners in need of any assistance can call to receive help with a wide array of household projects, Onstot says. 

“The volunteer hotline would be able to talk with the home owner specifically of what their needs are and what the limitations might be. But it may be as simple as repairing a fence or general yard work, some maintenance type issues. Some things that maybe they are just not able to move because items may be too heavy for them. There’s a variety of things that volunteers can help our home owners with,” says Onstot.

For any home owners in Joplin in need of assistance they may call 625-3558. 

For KSMU News, I’m Matthew Barnes.