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Know Your Property Tax

Greene County has sent out the 2010 real estate and personal property tax bills, and property owners should be receiving them this month. The assessor’s office usually receives hundreds of questions about these bills. KSMU’s Adam Murphy spoke with Greene County Assessor Rick Kessinger to answer these questions.

Kessinger says the most common thing the assessor’s office hears during this property tax season is people wanting their tax amounts lowered.

“My taxes are too high and I want you to do something to help get them lowered. Unfortunately, at this time of year, the assessment books closed the first part of August, therefore there’s nothing that the assessor can do about it,” said Kessinger.

The actual value of the assessed property should be the same as in 2009. Otherwise, property owners would have been contacted and given the opportunity to appeal the new assessed value.

The assessor’s office sends out notices of assessment values in the spring, then multiplies that value by the tax levy. Although nothing can be done now to change your tax amounts, property owners can address these concerns in the spring.

“If you believe next year that the values are incorrect, then you can come in the spring during our normal process,” he said.

All real estate and personal property tax bills must be paid by Dec. 31. The bill can be paid online, by mail, or in person.

For more information about the property taxes or assessment process, visit

For KSMU News, I’m Adam Murphy.