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Congressman Roy Blunt's Agriculture Tour Comes to Fassnight Creek Farm

Congressman Roy Blunt's annual Agriculture Tour wrapped up this afternoon. The day began at Fassnight Creek Farm in Springfield. KSMU's Missy Shelton was there and files this report.

This morning before Congessman Roy Blunt arrived, the owners of Fassnight Creek Farm were busy. Dan Bigbee rakes mulch outside his barn while nearby, clear water trickles into rows of okra, peppers and broccoli. Dan's wife Kelly discusses the farm's irrigation system.

Even though many people drive by the farm, located on South Fort in Springfield, Kelly Bigbee says most people don't realize how big the farm is.

At about a quarter after 8, two buses filled with people arrive at the farm. There are community leaders and agriculture experts. They gather around as Congressman Roy Blunt introduces Dan Bigbee.

After some brief remarks, the group breaks up and walks around the farm.

Bigbee says Congressman Blunt's visit gives him a chance to talk about small family farms.

Showing off small family farms like this one is one of the goals of the Agriculture Tour. Blunt says he wants to bring community leaders who may not visit agricultural areas often out to farms and farm-related businesses.

Blunt says this year's tour highlighted the diversity of agricultural operations in the Ozarks.