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Former President Clinton Visits Springfield

Former President Bill Clinton came to Springfield over the weekend to campaign for his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Michele Skalicky has more.

President Bill Clinton was in Springfield Saturday night to stump for his wife Hillary who is seeking the Democratic nomination for President.

He told an enthusiastic crowd at Central High School that, in order to pick a president, you must listen to the candidate's vision for American and to their plans for implementing that vision.

"So, let's look at what Hillary says. She thinks America ought to work pretty much like this room's working tonight. Everyone has a place at this table, men, women, old, young, without regard to race or religion or anything else, we have to go forward together."

Clinton says his wife would work to rebuild the middle class dream, and he says she would work to reclaim the future for kids by reclaiming the nation's lead in science and technology.

"and getting the politics out of science and technology to stem cell research to human genome research to global warming research."

He says Hillary would work toward a clean, green energy future, independent of foreign oil producers, and that would generate jobs for Americans.

Bill Clinton says his wife believes major changes are needed in education, and she wants to provide universal pre-kindergarten, access to college for every American and to radically change the No Child Left Behind Law.

"I could go to Idaho to a place where there's not a Democrat within 50 miles and get a hand if I say we're going to get rid of No Child Left Behind. It's the only surefire applause line in America today. And yet when that bill was adopted it had the support of everybody from President Bush to Senator Kennedy. They all thought it was something to vote for, and I'll never forget the conversation I had with Hillary about it. She said, 'you know, we're all going to have to vote for this because it's got so much money for schools,' but the people that wrote it never talked to any principals or teachers. They couldn't have or they'd never have done this."

Clinton says his wife wants to model schools that aren't performing well after schools that are. He also talked about Hillary's plans for solving the home mortgage crisis and for helping Iraq War veterans.