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Governor Blunt Visited The Library Station to Read Stories and Discuss Educational Opportunities

Governor Matt Blunt and his wife Melanie met parents and children at the Library Station Monday morning to read stories. Governor Blunt also highlighted educational opportunities for Missouri's youngest children. KSMU's Joe Morgan was there and has more.

Governor Blunt kneeled next to a group of children while his wife, Melanie sat in a chair along side the governor to read a Clifford the Big Red Dog book to the children at the Library Center.

Blunt says it's important to provide Missouri's children with every opportunity of achieving success. He says that funding for education is something he's very passionate about and is important to Missouri.

Blunt says that funding for education has increased every year that he has been in office. But critics say the state ought to be spending even more on schools. There is bi-partisan support for the Parents as Teachers program. Blunt explains the purpose of the program.

Blunt says that students who participate in this program have shown a long road of success throughout their educational careers.

All Missouri families with children under the age of three are eligible to participate in the Parents as Teachers program. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.