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Despite A Harsh Year For The Film Industry, Springfield Documentary Crew Bucks The Trend

Carbon Trace Productions Facebook
Carbon Trace Productions

Despite a harsh year for the film production industry, a local non-profit production company is reporting it’s coming out of 2020 with multiple projects in every stage of development. 

Springfield-based Carbon Trace Productions has several projects underway, from a film following Vietnam War veterans revisiting an old battleground to a collection of interviews with students and teachers during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Behind these films are teams made almost entirely of student interns, with oversight from board members, like Carbon Trace Productions founder and Missouri State University professor Andy Cline.  

“COVID tried hard to kill us, but we had a great 2020 as it turned out. We’ll end up offering up to eight internships this year, our donations are up, and we even picked up a commercial job that we’re finishing up that we’re happy about. So, I’m looking forward to a very strong 2021 coming off of a harrowing, but ultimately good 2020,” Cline said. 

Credit Carbon Trace Productions Facebook / Carbon Trace Productions
Carbon Trace Productions
Dr. Andy Cline sets up a camera for a production.

According to Cline, a film to anticipate this summer is “16 Weeks,” a documentary following college students through the COVID-19 pandemic. Another film, “A Portrait of the Ozarks,” goes into production soon; that’s a modern rendition of the 40-year-old documentary of the same name.

The list of films coming out soon includes local, national and international storytelling.

“We’ve just released ‘A Vietnam Peace Story,’ which is a film about marines going back to Vietnam, to visit a battlefield where they met with a lot of casualties. Ongoing projects include ‘All of a Sudden,’ which is a documentary about the housing first model of helping the homeless, specifically looking at Eden Village and Eden Village 2 here in Springfield,” Cline said.

Cline said the documentary film, “A Vietnam Peace Story,” is done, with the team just waiting to set a date for the premiere.

Credit Carbon Trace Productions Website / Carbon Trace Productions
Carbon Trace Productions
Carbon Trace Leadership in a group photo.

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