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Credo Dance Academy's Annual "Cosmic Christmas"

(Poster design courtesy Credo Dance Academy)

Credo Dance Academy invites you to come along on a journey to experience what might have taken place on the first Christmas with their annual production of "Cosmic Christmas," based on the book by Max Lucado.  Performances will be Saturday December 19th at 2:30 and 7:30pm, and Sunday the 20th at 2:30, at Parkview High School Theatre, 516 W. Meadowmere.

Credo Dance Academy director Kate Riegler says she grew up with Cosmic Christmas as a part of her family's Christmas tradition.  "We would read this story every Christmas Eve--and/or, if we were up too late on Christmas Eve we'd read it on Christmas morning before we'd open gifts.  It's a beautiful narrative of, perhaps, what the supernatural story behind the scenes of Christ's birth might have been."

This is the fourth time Credo Dance has presented Cosmic Christmas over the last five years, and they've added a third performance this year, the Sunday matinee, in response to ticket sales last year.

As a dance performance there needs to be music of course, and Kate has utilized a number of pre-recorded soundtracks. She says the music "has a real, sort of epic feel to it."

The production includes 25 cast members--they add more dancers every year--including Father Ben Jeffries, a native of England who serves as Assistant Rector at All Saints Anglican Church in Springfield.  He got involved, he says, because "Kate is a member at All Saints Anglican... and I have a small background in acting.  When Kate found that out, she needed a new narrator, and so we just put our heads together and worked it out."

Father Ben read a bit of the final postlude from Lucado's book, which highlights the author's usage of not just the "cozy" thoughts about the baby Jesus and wide-eyed shepherds as depicted in Matthew and Luke:

"In John's Book of Revelation, however, he offers another perspective.  From his perspective, the birth of Jesus stirs more than excitement--it stirs evil... a bloody war in the heavens."  (As the poster for the performance reads, "And there war war in the heavens....") Told largely through from the point of view of the Archangel Gabriel, we witness angels, fallen angels, and even Lucifer battle over this poignant event in human history. In other words, Cosmic Christmas offers a different, more drama-filled take on the "traditional" Christmas story.

Lighter fare will also be offered at the performance: Credo's assistant director Kaitlin Price has produced a new children's ballet based on Charles Tazewell's The Littlest Angel.

Tickets for Cosmic Christmas are $15 for adults, $10 for children age 12 and under, and will be available at the door. (They can only accept cash or credit cards, so you'll have to pay at the door!) For information call (417) 496-9527 or visit