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New Attraction Coming to Branson


A new $10 million attraction is coming to Branson.  Fritz’s Adventure will feature indoor rock climbing, tunnels, a life-size water tower with multiple slides, swings, ropes courses and more and will be open 365 days a year.  There will also be a bridge suspended high off the ground and an urban brick façade and boulders to climb. 

Trey Pelz is a spokesman for the company.

"As a kid if you can imagine wanting to climb a light pole or climb up a wall or slide down a pole or go in a tunnel here  or there, now it's all on-limits," he said.

According to the company’s website, the three-story indoor family attraction, will deliver a “sense of adventure with a perceived element of risk, while in a strategically engineered and safe environment.”  

It will also house a restaurant and party rooms.

Fritz's Adventure is scheduled to open in the summer of 2016 where the Silver Fountain Inn used to be on Highway 76.