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MSU Art and Design Collaborates with MSU Meyer Library on a Whimsical 'Chimera Forest'

(Photo courtesy Shannon Mawhiney)

The Library Experience committee at MSU Meyer Library wanted to find ways to bring more color and creativity to the library, in order to present a dynamic and thought provoking space to students, faculty and staff.   In talks with the MSU Art and Design Department it was agreed that the library would provide a great space--and a great opportunity--for students in First Year Art & Design Foundation courses.  Meyer Library on the MSU campus has turned into a "Chimera Forest" as Emily Budd and Steve Fielding's Art 101 3-D Design students are exhibiting their whimsical 3-dimensional mixed-media pieces. The class teaches elements and principals of 3-dimensional design with a wide variety of media and subject matter.

According to Meyer Library Head of Special Collections and Archives David Richards, it was high time the library began exhibiting more than just books (and computers). "When the addition (to the library building) was added in 2001, one of the things that was fascinating was just how stark the building was! It was great study in blank walls... white paint... and some purple and yellow.  And it's kind of stayed the same--it's been a time capsule since 2001. There are a few pieces of artwork that might be hung up in individual offices and departments, but they're not really out into the public (areas of the building)."

Sean Lyman, Associate Professor of Art and Design and Foundations Coordinator, says this "Chimera Forest" exhibit contains "whimsical animals and creatures that have been made with a variety of different materials." 

The items, which are distributed across all three levels of Meyer Library, are the first of what is planned to be a continuing series of Art and Design Department displays in the library, says Lyman. "Beginning next week there will be another group of work by 3-D students that will be installed.  And then in the next few weeks when classes finish up, I'll be bringing over two-dimensional drawings from Art 115 to be put up on the third floor."

Jan Johnson chairs the Library Experience committee. "Everyone in the library is extremely excited. It just tickles me to death that we can provide a home space where there was a need. The students really didn't have anywhere to display things"--at least not on the main MSU campus.  Sean Lyman adds that, while the Art and Design Department is pleased to have their entire department centralized at Brick City on West Mill Street downtown, "at the same time, (for) those Foundation-level classes, really the opportunity that they have to exhibit has been limited to Brick City, and once a year at Student Exhibition Center (at Walnut & Hammons Parkway)."

Jan Johnson says Meyer Library's agreement with Art and Design Department Head Carolyn Cardenas calls for two exhibits per art class per semester if possible. "So it'll be changing out on a pretty regular basis."

David Richards promises that Meyer Library patrons may find themselves surprised, maybe even "startled", but what they'll see. "If you get off the elevator on the third floor now and you start walking, there's this 3-D figure right there, and it looks alive! But that's good--you want that experience."

The artwork is viewable during library hours: noon to 2:00am Sundays; 7:00am to 2:00am Monday through Thursday; 7:00am-6:00pm Fridays; and Saturdays 9:00am-6:00pm.  For more information visit, or