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Southwest Missourian Inducted into Hall, Bronze Bust on Display

A Bronze Bust of Mel Hancock sits on display inside the Missouri state capital./Credit: Hall of Famous Missourians

The author of what has long been known as the Hancock Amendment has been inducted into the state capitol’s Hall of Famous Missourians.

Mel Hancock led a petition passed by voters in 1980 that establishes a state revenue limit, restricts the state government from imposing unfunded mandates on local governments, plus requires voter approval for tax increases. Still relevant today, it was one of the first state tax limitation amendments passed in the U.S.

Hancock would go on to be a four-term congressman for Missouri’s 7th Congressional District.  

Hancock, who died in 2011, was inducted during a ceremony Wednesday. House Speaker Tim Jones selected him to the Hall in December.

His bronze bust is now on display between the House and Senate chambers inside the state capitol in Jefferson City. Among those already included in the Hall of Famous Missourians are President Harry Truman, Walt Disney and Walter Cronkite.