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Upon Further Review, Nixa Sales Tax Initiative Still Fails

Another 4.5 miles in new sidewalks were to be installed if the 1/2 cent capital improvement sales tax passed/Credit: Eric

A hand recount has revealed the same results that machines tallied last month, and a failed capital improvement sales tax for the City of Nixa is upheld.

The recount did find five additional yes votes along with six additional no votes, but Tuesday’s count reflects the original outcome of the April 8 election, where 56.98 percent of voters said yes to a ½ cent sales tax hike. The measure needed a 57.14 super majority to pass.

“We felt we needed a more accurate count,” says Nixa Mayor Brian Steele in a news release. “We needed to be sure no vote was missed due to any machine or human error. We wanted to make sure all our i’s were dotted and t’s crossed, no matter which way the vote went.”

The ballot measure would have provided $7.8 million to fund a new park at Gregg and Northview and another 4.5 miles of new sidewalks.

In a release, the city says it will still continue plans to improve the intersection at Hwy 14 and US 160 using Street Reserve funds as well as borrowing from future STP funds. Work on this project is scheduled to begin summer of 2016. 

The recount was funded by Christian County. 16 poll judges were chosen to conduct the recount. The process was estimated to take about eight hours, with each judge paid $10 per hour, plus meals.