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Springfield Metro Chorus Surprises Sweethearts with Valentine's Day 'Singing Telegrams'


Some love struck Ozarks residents received a special Valentine’s surprise today – a live, singing Valentine’s card. As KSMU’s Samuel Crowe reports, these ladies are part of the Springfield Metro Chorus.

Each year during Valentine’s Day, groups of women, ranging from teenagers to senior citizens, visit area homes, restaurants, community centers, even golf courses and sing a short, intimate love song. Tawny Brown, assistant director of the Springfield Metro Chorus, says these singing telegrams are sung by a barbershop-style quartet.

“Each song lasts a minute and a half, and we hand them a rose and candy. It’s very intimate. The people are very involved in it,” Brown said.

Brown says these singing telegrams touch peoples’ hearts, often emitting tears and giggles. Think of it as one big Valentine’s Day card.

“Just going out and singing Valentines, it’s very satisfying for us to. It just makes us smile because we get so many different levels of reactions,” Brown said.

Besides the telegrams, the 30 member female chorus competes in regional and international competitions, as well as holds an annual concert. Each year, the chorus chooses a local organization to donate a portion of their proceeds after the show.

And for your loved one who lives far away, the chorus will even sing over the phone to anywhere in the continental United States.

For more information about singing telegrams, and about how you can become a member of the Springfield Metro Chorus, visit our website,