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Massive Cleanup Planned for James River Floodplain

Concerns over the state of a local floodplain in Springfield have spurred local residents to throw on some gloves and pick up a trash bag. KSMU’s Ryan Farmer reports on this weekend’s massive cleanup of the James River Floodplain.

The James River Floodplain is a piece of land, home to both nature and residents.It’s located just west of the intersection of Grand and the West Bypass in Springfield, and hosts the northern arm of Wilson’s Creek.But as of late, the property has become somewhat of a dumping ground for trash and debris. Because of this, concerned citizens of Springfield, along with other community organizations, have come together to help clean up the area.Tom Martz is the Co-Founder of Missouri Liberty Coalition, one of the three community organizations that’s helping to launch the clean-up project.

“This piece of property has been an eye sore for I don’t know how long. And the gentleman who owns the property has made the commitment that if we can get it cleaned up, that he will try to get it completely closed off so people can’t get back in there to continue to use it as a dump site," says Martz.

Martz says he thinks that this is one of the first Springfield clean-up events organized completely by community groups.

“Everybody is welcome to attend. It’s just a planned community event which if the more people we can get out there, the merrier. The easier it will be to get it cleaned up. And it’s just a way to help beautify Springfield," says Martz.

The clean-up will begin Saturday at 9 a.m.Parking for the event will be at Wil Fischer Distributing, which is located on the West Bypass, just south of Grand Street. For more information you can call 417-894-4322.

For KMSU News, I’m Ryan Farmer.