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Sarah Palin's Rally Attracts All Sorts

Since John McCain’s announcement of his vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin has become quite the superstar among certain circles.She has attracted all sorts of individuals, who seem to fit into two extremes: those who absolutely adore her, and those who loathe her for her staunch conservatism. At today’s rally, KSMU’s Ryan Farmer ran into both types of people, and reports.

Today's rally brought out old and young, rich and poor.Although there were a few protesters, the vast majority of people in attendance were there to catch just a glimpse of Palin and her feisty, no-nonsense politics.Teresa Bradley was one of them.Some of those present were her adoring fans, like Springfield resident Chris Moak, who fought sleep and the elements of weather to show his support.A few protesters held signs and cheered for Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.Eddie Dicus, a local Obama supporter, stood with his friends across the street from the rally.The election is 11 days from today.For KSMU News, I'm Ryan Farmer.