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George McGovern Will Speak in Springfield

Former Democratic presidential candidate and former senator George McGovern will be in Springfield this weekend to speak on the Drury University campus. KSMU's Missy Shelton spoke with McGovern by phone about his visit to Springfield and files this report.

George McGovern is probably best known for his unsuccessful bid for president. He lost to Richard Nixon. He also helped draft the presidential nominating process for the democratic party in 1969, a process that's getting a lot of attention now with the heated race for the democratic nomination. But when George McGovern comes to Springfield this weekend to speak at Drury University's commencement ceremony, he won't be talking politics. Instead, he'll talk about the need to end world hunger.

McGovern says he became interested in fighting hunger when he was a bomber pilot in WWII stationed in Italy.

McGovern served as President Kennedy's Food for Peace Director. He also served under President Clinton as a US Ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Agencies. He says hunger is not just an international problem.

McGovern says college students and recent graduates are receptive to his message about ending hunger.

McGovern will receive an honorary doctorate degree from Drury University this weekend.