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Disaster Response Action Committee Meets

Nearly four months after devastating ice storms hit the Ozarks in January, a disaster response action committee met for the first time to hear reports from city and county organizations Friday.

KSMU's Christy Hendricks reports on what plans the committee has to hear public comment about the storm response.

The 15-member Disaster Response Action Committee heard an overview of a report by Ryan Nichols, the director of the Springfield/Greene County Office of Emergency Management, about the county's response to the ice storm.

City Utilities, Springfield Public Works, the National Weather Service and Springfield Public Schools presented reports as well.

People from groups like the Red Cross, schools and businesses in Springfield and Greene County make up the committee.

Bernie McCarthy is a co-chair of the Disaster Response Action Committee and the director of the Community and Social Issues Institute at Missouri State University.

He says the meeting was largely organizational to figure out how to organize public input sessions through the summer.

McCarthy says at least four sessions held in different parts of Springfield and Greene County will allow citizens to ask questions and add comments.

He says it's important to have a group that's an independent voice.

Bernie McCarthy says after the committee meets with and hears from community members, it will make a report to city council.

McCarthy says he hopes the committee will make its final report to city council by the end of the summer.