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Springfield School Board Election Results

Elections for the Springfield School Board of Education took place Tuesday. Gerry Lee, Jean Twitty and Debbie Tolliver were elected to the board. KSMU's Emily Nash reports.

Voters in Springfield decided who would fill three of the eight seats on the board of education.

Gerry Lee was appointed to the board of education less than a year ago, but was elected Tuesday to serve another three.

Lee says, there are a lot of issues that the board need to address and a limited number of resources.

He says, parent involvement will play an important part in improving Springfield schools.

Voters also elected Jean Twitty to the Springfield Board of Education on Tuesday.

Twitty says, she is excited to see the bond money approved last year, be used for the capital projects.

Twitty says she wants to continue to watch student performance and more specifically student drop out rate.

Incumbent school board member Pam Bodine lost her seat Tuesday, but she says she still plans to stay very involved in the district.

Patsy Summers also lost the election on Tuesday, but says she is proud of the voter support she received.

It was a good night for some school districts in Southwest Missouri that had asked residents for levy increases and permission to issue bonds.

Voters in the Republic School District approved letting the district issue 19 million dollars in bonds to build a new high school.

The Republic School District also got approval from voters to increase its levy to cover operating costs.

In the Fair Grove School District, voters said yes to a plan to issue 6.8 million dollars in bonds for building additional classrooms and improving existing school facilities.