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5 Tiny Desk Concerts To Help You Break A Sweat

When it comes to staying active when we're all stuck at home, my favorite way to break a sweat is to dance in my living room with the music loud. This isn't a new idea, but there is something really special about it when you're doing it to create joy during a pandemic. Also, it's easy to spread the joy and get the whole family involved, whether in the same room or on a video call.

The playlist starts with Rare Essence, a go-go band from Washington, D.C. I learned early on when I moved to D.C. that go-go is ingrained in the culture here, and it's something native Washingtonians are incredibly proud of. It's not hard to understand why; the music exudes good vibes and cheer. The Cimafunk concert is a blend of Afro-Cuban dance music and funk. You can't help but move your feet and grin ear-to-ear. In Bob Boilen's words, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band is "an abundance of euphoria," and I agree! If you haven't caught on to my theme, I love brass, I love funk and I love big bands.

Susan Tedeschi's powerful vocals over the Tedeschi Trucks Band gives you the blues and jazz sound you want to groove to. I know for singers like my sister, it's the perfect one to sing out loud as you dance. And to round out the dance session, Bomba Estéreo will provide you the cool down of your dreams. A band that is usually much louder with intense electronic tracks, this stripped down set gives you space to stretch those muscles and gulp some cold water. And enjoy those endorphins!

Tiny Desks In This Playlist

  • Rare Essence
  • Cimafunk
  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band
  • Tedeschi Trucks Band
  • Bomba Estéreo
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    Kara Frame
    Kara Frame is a video producer for NPR and pursues personal projects in her free time. She most often produces for NPR's explainer series, "Let's Talk: Big Stories, Told Simply." She's crafted stories about housing segregation in Baltimore, MD; motherhood in a refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece; and food deserts in Washington, DC. Frame enjoys a break from the news when filming the Tiny Desk Concerts.