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Nora McInerny: What Does Moving Forward Look Like After Loss?

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Moving Forward.

About Nora McInerny's TED Talk

In 2014, Nora McInerny experienced a wave of loss that reshaped her whole life. Despite the painful memories from that year, she explains why she doesn't want to "move on" from her grief.

About Nora McInerny

Nora McInerny is a best-selling author and podcast host. In 2014, she lost her father, husband, and a pregnancy in the span of six weeks. Since then, she has written and spoken about her experiences with grief and trauma.

Her books include The Hot Young Widows Club and It's Okay To Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too). Her podcast is called Terrible, Thanks For Asking. She is also the founder of the nonprofit Still Kickin.

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