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Columbia trans rights protest scheduled during Trump rally

An estimated 500 people are expected to attend a transgender rights protest outside of President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rally Thursday, protest organizer Cathy Serino said. 

Protestors are organizing at the Highway 63 interchange. Serino said the rally is meant to advocate for trans rights in wake of Trump’s remarks about defining gender by sex given at birth. 

“We’re going to be there to protest Trump’s treatment of the transgender community, with everything they are trying to try do to erase us from existence,” Serino said. 

According to the Facebook event page, the event is expected to reach its peak participation rate at 6 p.m. Protestors are gathering behind a traffic barrier between the roundabout and South Hardwick Lane at the Highway 63 interchange. Cars are expected to park along highway 163. Ricks Taxi is offering free shuttles to the protest site from the Walmart on Conley Road starting at 4 p.m. Michelle Daytona, manager of Rick’s Taxi, said she is participating in the protest. 

“I have the necessary means,” Daytona said. “I have a taxi company that I run day to day. So I might as well provide that service to those who need it.” 

Trump is scheduled to give remarks at the Make America Great Again rally at 6:30 p.m. at Columbia Regional Airport.

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