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MU Considers Changes to Improve Greek Life System

Credit Sara Shahriari/KBIA

The University of Missouri is considering changes to its sorority and fraternity system after reviewing recommendations put together by a task force.

Those recommendations -- meant to improve student safety and enhance the Greek life experience -- include allowing freshmen to live in sorority and fraternity housing based on a tiered system, limiting the frequency and length of social events and hiring a full-time staff member to focus on diversity and inclusion in the Greek community.

Several MU fraternities have been suspended over the past two years following hazing allegations, alcohol misconduct and policy violations.

“Many of the recommendations are set up to mitigate or in many cases we hope eliminate a lot of the issues we have seen over the last few years as well as we hope stop anything that we've seen happening nationally coming to our campus,” MU spokesperson Christian Basi said.

University officials will be meeting with members of the sorority and fraternity community next to review the task force recommendations and garner public input. Some recommendations could be instituted as early as the fall 2018 semester.

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