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New Initiative is Aimed at Saving Lives

Springfield LifeSave Sign (Credit: Michele Skalicky)
Springfield LifeSave Sign (Credit: Michele Skalicky)

The goal of Springfield LifeSave is to increase the number of individuals trained in CPR and to double the number of automatic defibrillators available in the community.

Area organizations are encouraged to take the 50/50 challenge and become members of the Springfield Community LifeSave organization by getting 50% or 50 employees certified in CPR by the end of the year.  Businesses or groups that also purchase an AED to have onsite will become members of Springfield LifeSave Plus.

Springfield Fire Chief David Hall says getting more people trained in CPR can make a big difference.

"We see other communities such as Las Vegas or in O'hare Airport.  They've really promoted the program, and they see life save rates in the 50 precent or greater, and right now we know that there's about 800 sudden cardiac arrest deaths that occur within Greene County every year.  We know we can improve that.  Nationally, the average is about six to seven percent, and so you're seen those that really promote this and make a difference in people's lives," he said.

Hall says the leading cause of death in Greene County is cardiac arrest.  He says even just learning hands-only CPR can save a life.  One of the goals of the program is to get 45,000 people trained in that.

It’s estimated that chances of survival increase two or three times when CPR and an AED are available.

A few businesses have signed on to the program already.  Those who meet the requirements will receive a certificate and window cling for their business, will have their name read at a City Council meeting and will be listed on a plaque in City Hall.  To learn more,

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