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Local Incident Support Team Heads to New York to Help With Disaster Relief


[KSMU's Samuel Crowe provided content for this story]

The team will help with relief and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Dale Moore is spokesperson for the Office of Emergency Management...

"This group has kind of been through it and gets it--understands the nature of it, what the needs are, so that's one of the reasons why we were given the opportunity to deploy up there, so there's still a lot of need up there.   A lot of people still hurting, a lot of power still out, and it's absolutely a historic, devestating time and event up there," he said.

OEM Director Ryan Nichols says his office received word early Thursday from the state of Missouri Emergency Mangement Agency that the OEM in New York had requested incident  managemnet support teams to help with the diasster.  He says they've been asked to deploy their support assets for a minmum of 14 days.  The 16-member team has been assigned to Nasssau County on Long Island. 

The Region D Incident Support Team was most recently deployed during the Joplin and Branson tornadoes.  The team provides various discipline specific support including logistics, planning, operations and other functional assets, based on the needs of the local EOC jurisdiction. There are 3 such IST’s in the State of Missouri. The Region D team’s membership comes from the 18 counties in southwest Missouri.