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Remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac Reach the Ozarks

The remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac have dropped about a half inch of rain on the Springfield area so far and about two inches in Ava and the eastern Ozarks.

Meteorologist John Kurtz, with the National Weather Service in Springfield, says we’ll see more rain off and on throughout the day…

"There's some very thin bands of rain wrapped around the remnants of Isaac.  The original low pressure center's basically over northwestern Arkansas right now, and so, through the day we can probably see one to two inches across some locations across the area.  It looks like everyone's going to get some shot at rain today.  It will probably continue off into the overnight hours into tomorrow.  It's really going to depend on how the system kind of evolves throughout the day."

He says rainfall amounts through tomorrow could be around three inches in Springfield and four inches in the eastern Ozarks.

According to Kurtz, if the sunshine breaks through the clouds today, instability will increase, and we could see some severe weather…

"We could see maybe some strong gusty winds.  There is a possibility of maybe an isolated tornado, but that's a real low possibility right now, and it's really gonna be dependent upon how much sunshine we can get in between the rain bands."

Kurtz says we might see some lingering showers Sunday, but we should have a nice Labor Day.