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More Rain Possible Today in the Ozarks

Watch out for flooded roadways this morning.  A flood warning continues until

11 a.m. for much of the Missouri Ozarks.  Drew Albert is a meteorologist with the

National Weather Service in Springfield...

"The two heaviest hit areas--there's one over far southwest Missouri near and south of Joplin that had gotten rain a couple of days ago and then about 24 hours ago quite a few low water crossings became flooded with heavy rain east of Springfield.  And we kind of monitor the Missouri Department of Transportation page--MODOT page--and a lot of those low water crossings are still flooded.  There was some rain well east of Springfield last night, but it, for the most part, was fairly light, and that's actually continued to move off to the east, so right now we're in a lull in terms of the rainfall, but the residual flooding continues."

More rain is possible today for parts of the Ozarks.  But Albert says we likely won't see the heavy rain we saw in parts of the Ozarks the last couple of days...

"Actually, the system that's been responsible for the rain, the actual core of an upper level low,  is still sitting off to our west out in Oklahoma, and that is going to very slowly inch towards our area today, and it's going to move through Missouri tomorrow.  Now, while we don't expect widespread heavy rain with it,  we do expect that showers and thunderstorms will develop later today around the low as it moves into northeast Oklahoma, southeast Kansas so, especially areas to the west of Springfield might see some showers and thunderstorms develop during the afternoon and certainly during the early evening hours.  And then as that upper level low moves closer,  we expect the showers to spread into the Springfield area and into the Ozarks." 

There's a 50% chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow.  But we'll have a nice weekend--sunny skies both days with highs in the 70s.