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The Heat Could Break Records in the Ozarks Today

It’s another hot day in the Ozarks.  National Weather Service Meteorologist Doug Cramer says we might even break a record…

"Well, the National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures in the triple digits across most areas of Southwest and South Central Missouri.  As a matter of fact, here in the Springfield area, our official forecast is to get up to about 107 degrees today.  If that does perhaps happen, then today will be the hottest day in 50 years."

According to Cramer, triple digit highs are expected through at least Friday, with highs in the upper 90s Saturday and Sunday.  He says we could see slightly cooler temperatures next week.

Meanwhile, the heat has caused the Ozark Empire Fair to adjust its hours for the duration of the event.  Rides on the Midway will open at 4 instead of 1 pm and the fair will stay open until midnight. 

The Library Center is showing movies today and offering free lemonade and ice water.  You can also play board games. 

The Salvation Army is currently operating its 24-hour emergency cooling center at 1707 W. Chestnut Expressway for anyone who needs relief from the heat.  They’re also offering cold drinks. 

And the Habitat for Humanity ReSTORE will close early today and tomorrow—at 2 pm—due to the heat.