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Last Call for Curbside Debris Pickup in Joplin

As clean up after the May 22nd tornado in Joplin continues, the US Army Corps of Engineers will be making its last pass to pick up debris from curbsides.  KSMU’s Matthew Barnes reports.

With the clean up in Joplin going at a steady pace the amount of debris in public rights-of-way has gone down considerably.  Mark Haviland is a spokesman for the Corps.

 “The clean up is actually going very well. I believe yesterday we were reporting about 62.1% complete of the estimated 1.87 million cubic yards of debris,” says Haviland.

The last wave of debris pick up from curbsides will begin July 22, so residents in Joplin should make sure to gather whatever loose debris is surrounding their homes in an organized manner Haviland says. 

“It is very helpful if they segregate the debris materials into different piles. Such as, electronics, put all of the electronics into one pile, put vegetation debris into another pile, segregate that out. And the other thing that they want to be aware of is if there is any piles that are already existing that have been marked as potential containing hazardous materials, such as asbestos. They don’t want to disturb those piles or put other debris onto those piles,” says Haviland. 

Haviland also says any loose materials that can be hazardous if blown around should be put in a clear plastic bag and taken to the Citizen’s Drop-off site at 901 N. Black Cat Road.

For KSMU News, I’m Matthew Barnes.