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Mother's Brewing Giving Back After Two Weeks of Business

The owners of a newly opened brewing company are already giving back, just days after getting their feet wet. KSMU’s Scott Butler reports.

Locally-brewed amber-colored beer pours into a glass at Mother’s Brewing Company on Grant Street in downtown Springfield.

Mother’s Brewing held a benefit concert for Joplin just outside of the company Thursday night. It partnered with the Springfield Brewing Company to donate the beer. Jeremy Wicks, director of sales and marketing, estimates how many people attended the event.

“We had our Joplin benefit concert in Mother’s backyard. Still don’t have any final numbers in but I’m thinking it looks like we had somewhere right around 700 people, maybe a little bit over 700 people show up.”

As workers clean up all the kegs from the previous night, the proceeds from the event are being tallied. Mother’s brought in money from the silent auction, food and beer, as well as tips. Wicks said that every dollar made was donated to the relief efforts in Joplin.

Mother’s Brewing Company has been open for only two weeks and has hit the ground running. Founder Jeff Schrag said he started the company because of his love for craft beer and his love of the flavor. Schrag explains where he created the name for the company.

“When we hit on our logo and the name Mother’s and how it its just emblematic of a mother’s love. We try to embody that same love for the flavor and care and crafting of our beers.”

Mother’s Brewing Company is just that – it’s a brewery, not a bar. However, it does have a tasting room. It’s open from 4pm to 7pm, Wednesday through Friday and Saturday from noon to 5pm. The company plans to start running tours on Saturdays in the near future.

For KSMU News, I’m Scott Butler.