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Severe Storms Approaching Joplin, Ozarks Area Tuesday Afternoon, Evening

The tornado that hit Joplin on Sunday was devastating. But there’s more unfortunate news: more bad weather is on its way. KSMU’s Scott Butler has the details.

This report was produced Tuesday, May 24, 2011. The City of Joplin planned to test nine of its tornado sirens today in advance of the approaching storms.

Meteorologist Drew Albert explains the science behind these storms that have been hitting the Ozarks area.

“We’ve had a dry line, which is kind of a discontinuity, where a essentially a front that separates two different types of air masses, and of course, we’re on the warm and moist and unstable side of that air mass. So any storms that can form on that dry line as these impulses move across the region then propagate or move east into the Ozarks,” he said.

The Weather Service expects storms to develop over the plains of Kansas and Oklahoma. The systems are expected to move east into southwest Missouri, including Springfield, and far western Missouri throughout tonight. Albert explains where the most dangerous places are located.

“The potential is everywhere. The highest potential for severe weather would be towards the Joplin area and the higher potential is going to be the farther west you go. So the Joplin area would have the highest potential, especially far southwest Missouri,” he said.

The National Weather Service is predicting a chance for thunderstorms every day this week up to Friday.

For KSMU News, I’m Scott Butler.