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Parks Tax Proposal Won't be on August Ballot

The Greene County Parks Sales Tax will NOT be on the August ballot. That decision came in the form of a unanimous vote by the Greene County Commission during a special commission meeting.The Springfield-Greene County Park Board had asked the commission to place the proposal on the ballot during the commission’s April 18th meetings. It called for renewal of a 1/8-cent Parks Sales Tax approved by voters in 2006 and a 1/8-cent increase.According to Commissioners, while they support the mission of the Park Board, area residents are still struggling with the economic downturn, with unemployment and with rising gas and food prices. They say now is not the appropriate time to place the sales tax initiative on the ballot.Commissioners say they realize their decision will result in delays in many planned parks projects and that it directly impacts Greene County’s ability to provide stormwater services. They ask the community to be patient as they –quote-“prioritize numerous taxpayer needs against limited taxpayer funds.”