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Residents, Emergency Workers, and Volunteers Work Through Tornado Aftermath in Joplin

Heavy rain and storms have made it challenging for rescue workers in Joplin today, as they look for survivors in the wake of a tornado that tore through the town last night. KSMU’s Missy Shelton was in Joplin earlier today and has this report.

I walked down a street in Joplin with Gina Graham. We’re careful to step over downed power lines. She saw the tornado from her apartment. She watched as it turned away from her and toward the neighborhoods that got hit. She’s on her way to find out if her place of employment is still standing. Along the way, she tells me how this street looked before last night.


As we approach the strip mall where she worked, she can already see that it’s gone…along with the other buildings that were nearby.

It’s not just businesses and homes that were destroyed. Joplin’s high school is in ruins too. Traci House is Director of Technology for the Joplin School District. She runs down the list of properties that were impacted by the tornado.


Meanwhile, at Missouri Southern State University, Chris McGinn gets volunteers signed in.


Ryan Flynn is a Marine from Kansas City who came to Joplin last night to help. He says the ongoing storms and rain have made it difficult.