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Some State Highways and County Roads are Impacted by Flooding

Some state highways in Southwest Missouri are closed due to flooding this morning. KSMU’s Missy Shelton reports.

7:45am UPDATE: Here's a list of current road closures in Greene County:

In west Greene County, Farm Road 146 at Farm Road 123 (John Wilson Bridge); Scenic south of Battlefield, Farm Road 186 and Farm Road 99; Farm Road 17 south of State Highway F; Farm Road 125 south of State Highway O; Farm Road 156 west of State Highway F; and Farm Road 87 south of Farm Road 8.

In east Greene County, Farm Road 50 between State Highway A and State Highway 125; Farm Road 235 south of Farm Road 10; Farm Road 231 south of Farm Road 2; Farm Road 2 east of Farm Road 249; Farm Road 199 south of State Highway CC; Farm Road 36 west of State Highway H; Farm Road 213 south of State Highway OO; Farm Road 213 north of State Highway YY; Farm Road 116 east of Farm Road 213; Farm Road 193 north of Farm Road 136; East Catalpa east of railroad tracks; Farm Road 241 north of Farm Road 166; Farm Road 164 and Farm Road 193 (Kinser Bridge); Farm Road 193 and Farm Road 174; Farm Road 170 from Farm Road 205 east to Farm Road 253; Farm Road 166 east of State Highway 125; Farm Road 219 south of US 60; Farm Road 134 east of Division (Steelman Bridge); and Farm Road 193 south of Farm Road 148.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is keeping tabs on state highways that could be impacted by the heavy rains we’ve seen through the weekend and this morning. Bob Edwards is the spokesperson for MODOT in Springfield. He explains where, in general, state roads are seeing the most flooding.

"Areas south of I-44, and that's a large swath, where areas of low-lying state roads are flooded over and we show them as closed. They probably have barricades up there to give folks a heads up and keep them from going into the water over the road."

Edwards says MODOT monitors roadways and does get some feedback from drivers about which roads are flooded.

"We do get some information from drivers but most of our folks know the low-lying areas, the roads that have a tendency to flood, they know the watersheds and those are the first places we check when we've had the amount of rain that we've had."

With so much rain over the weekend and continuing today, Edwards advises driver’s to plan ahead.

"Think ahead before you leave the house if you're going to travel especially in rural areas. Have an idea of the terrain you're going to be driving in. You might check our MODOT website to see the roads that are closed."

You can access information about road closures at and we have a link to that information on our site,

Click here for information on road closures from MODOT.