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Convoy of Hope Preps Food Packs for Japan

An emergency response team from Convoy of Hope is in route to Japan. Over the next few days they will sort through logistics, paving the way for shipments of precious food and supplies. KSMU’s Brandon Goodwin reports.

[Sound: Forklift starts up]

Reporter Standup: I’m standing in the middle of the Convoy of Hope, International Distribution Center. It’s a three hundred thousand square foot warehouse, forty foot ceilings. It’s about the size of six football fields. In front of me there’s pallets of rice and pasta, food packs that will soon be sent to Japan.

[Sound: Plastic bags being opened]

Jeff Nene from Convoy of Hope holds a plastic food bag labeled “Fortified rice and soy protein”. He calls them manna packs.

“In a single bag, there’s actually six meals in there, believe it or not. What you do is add enough water to this, cook it, and rice obviously expands a lot,” he said.

Convoy of Hope had fifty thousand of these manna packs in storage in the Philippines. Those were the first to go to Japan.

They plan to send more than half a million meals like these in the coming weeks.

“We’ve got the manna packs which are the compete meal that we talked about that have rice, soy, dried vegetable, protein, everything all mixed into one. We have other things like 100 pound bags of rice. We’ll be sending those in,” he said.

Brandon: Have you ever tried the manna pack?

“I’ve actually tasted this before. I wouldn’t want to make a steady diet of it but is actually not bad. It has chicken flavoring in it so you can imagine it just kind of tastes like chicken and rice,” he said.

Nene says you can make a ten dollar donation to Convoy’s Japan relief efforts by texting the word “tsunami” to 50555.

For KSMU News, I’m Brandon Goodwin.