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City of Springfield Asks Residents to Report Potholes


If you’ve noticed a few more potholes on Springfield streets recently, winter weather is probably to blame. KSMU’s Chasity Mayes tells us how the city is hoping to have fewer bumps in the road with the help of citizens just like you.

Potholes are typically caused or made worse by the freeze-thaw cycle we’ve seen this week. Springfield’s Department of Pubic Works is always on the lookout for potholes on city streets, but they say it’s information given by locals that makes their job much easier.

Mike Brothers is a spokesperson for Springfield.

“Our guys are always looking to fill those holes when they can, but they can’t be everywhere. And so the best thing is just for folks to let us know where they are. They can give us a call at 864-1966 or go online at and fill out an online request form,” says Brothers.

Once the request to fill a pothole has been made, the city says it will move quickly to get the job done. Brothers says that speed is important.

“They’re trying to do all of them in about a day or so and it may take longer you know when you toss weekends in there, but they hope to get those fixed very quickly because they can really wreak havoc on vehicles and if you don’t address them quickly then they can expand. And so, really it’s just better all around to get at them early,” says Brothers.

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For KSMU News, I’m Chasity Mayes.