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City Council Rejects Making Medical Marijuana a Priority

An attempt to make legalizing marijuana one of the city’s legislative priorities was shot down Monday night by Springfield City Council members during a vote. KSMU’s Justin Lux has the report.

The priority list is used as a suggestion package for state and federal legislators. The council members put together the ideas, small and large, while keeping the best interest of the city in mind.

Mike Brothers, a spokesman for the City of Springfield, says the proposal was voted against six to two for one simple reason.

“The community hasn’t really had a discussion about this yet. It really just came up during this legislation priority process,” he says.

City councilman Dan Chiles, one of the two council members who voted in support, sees the legalization of medical marijuana as useful, but with a couple of stipulations.

“I would say two important parts of it, at least in my mind. One is it has to be something that a doctor recommends and two it has to be controlled,” says Chiles.

Chiles says he would support such legislation, as long as it lays out which specific diseases that would allow for the use of medical marijuana. He points to a state like Rhode Island, which has shown the ability to control access to the drug.

Chiles said he was recently diagnosed with cancer and says if his doctor did suggest that it would be a good idea to use marijuana for medical treatment, then he would like to be a patient with access to it.

For KSMU News, I’m Justin Lux.