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Springfield conference to address water issues

Missouri State University and the Tri-state Water Resource Coalition are holding a water conference Nov. 18-19 entitled “Water: A Finite Resource in a Growing Region.” The two-day conference, consisting of panels and presentations, will explore pressing water issues such as current and future water supply, water demand and efficient use of water in the Ozarks.

“Around the globe and across our nation, water scarcity and water pollution have reached points of crisis in many areas,” said Gail Melgren, program coordinator for the Greater Ozarks Leadership Development program at Missouri State University. “In the Ozarks, we enjoy relative abundance, but the earth is not infinitely generous, even here. The upcoming water conference is part of a continuing and growing effort to plan wisely about water.”

The conference will begin with an overview of the global, national, state and regional water supply. Other panels and presentations will discuss topics including regulatory issues, financing of public water projects, efficiency initiatives and economic drivers. The conference will end with a discussion about the competing uses of water.

“We live in a growing region,” said Melgren. “Where will the water come from for farmers, for businesses that support workers and for families? How do quality and efficiency efforts fit into the picture? These and other important questions will be asked at our fall conference.”

Conference fees are $95 per person for both days and $65 per person per day. These fees will include lunch. Elected officials are invited to the conference as guests and can attend free of charge. Register by calling (417) 836-6660. To register online or by mail, visit the conference website at

For more information, contact Melgren at (417) 836-3701.